Thursday, June 03, 2010

Record Stores

As time progresses in our digital age I am finding that more record stores are going out of business. Now I am not going to act as though I am surprised. I saw it coming a million miles ahead but just tried to ignore the inevitable. Why drive down to the local Borders Book Store to check out their CD collection when you can shop iTunes at home? Now I admit that I have helped aid this movement by purchasing digital music; however, I would much rather explore a real record store any day over sitting at home clicking away on iTunes.

There is just something magical about the record store. Especially real record stores, not Best Buy, or Target, but the local record store. Folks in the suburbs don't get real record stores but in the city occasionally you will see one. They still carry real records! Some new with limited edition color and not to mention hand numbered! And it has real art work, it is a physical object that you can carry and read and hold before you even get to listen to it. And sometimes these record stores even have the bands play shows inside of them and it is amazing!

I remember in high school every Tuesday we would drive to the Tacoma record store and see what was new and get insight from the employees as to what was the latest indie stuff that we had to listen to. We would hang out there for hours sometimes before we would decide and make our purchase. I would work every weekend to pay for 4 things: Gas, Food, Records, and Show Tickets....that is if I wasn't on the guest list or didn't find another creative way to get in without paying.

I know that recently there has been a creation of record store day. This is not enough, every day needs to be record store day. And I have found a solution for all to share as we decide how to retain our record stores while still having digital music. What has been the most and most sustaining form of music packaging that proclaims timeless art? The Record! Listen people, only release records from now on, they are collectables, and with every record insert a free download code. This is the solution. Spread the good news!


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