Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Worthy Example

There are many times when Christianity takes a big hit in the media after a well known Pastor steps down from His or Her church. It usually is a result of some kind of scandal or sin issue that this person is dealing with and was either caught or breaks it out to the open. It is so exciting to hear from a well known Pastor who is stepping down for the right reasons.

This link has a short clip of Francis Chan explaining why he is leaving Cornerstone.

Now I know he doesn't have a for sure spelled out reason for why he is leaving but he knows God is tugging at his heart and he is moving where God is calling him. He is stepping out of the boat, he is putting full faith in God and not letting the fears get in the way. I would like to say I wish I could do this, but lately I feel like my calling is going to be shot down. So is it really a calling? Am I hearing wrong, or might others hear wrong? This is the difficult thing with God. I just hope that when I have it all figured out I will follow God wherever he sends me just like this worthy example set by Francis.


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