Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sports....teams I like

I thought for my sports post this week I would not talk about the Green Bay playoff game because I am still recovering from watching that game, but instead would just share with the world which sports teams and people I admire along with those I cannot stand.

The teams I like:

NFL: Green Bay Packers (for an AFC team I like to root for the Bills).

NBA: My interest in this league is not very high these days. They took away the Sonics. So I guess the Blazers.

MLB: Mariners and Brewers

NHL: Vancouver Canucks

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC

Premier League: Chelsea

College Football: Washington Huskies; Wisconsin Badgers; Nebraska

College Basketball: Washington Huskies; Wisconsin Badgers

WRC: Peter Solberg

Nascar: Denny Hamlin, Joey Lagano, Mark Martin

F1: Schumacher (Team Mercedes) and (Team US F1)

Teams I can't stand:

NFL: Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Seattle Seahawks.

NBA: Lakers

MLB: NY Yankees, Angels, Rangers, A's, Braves

NHL: Detroit Red Wings, Edmonton Oilers

MLS: Houston Dynamo

Nascar: Tony Stewart

Thats all for now.


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