Thursday, January 21, 2010

(Response to Local Issues or Global) Catching up for Tuesday

I just want to say that it is just horrible that one of the poorest countries in the world is having to deal with the horror and outcome of a terrible natural disaster. When I first heard what happened in Haiti the first thing I thought of was how our Compassion International child was doing. A youth group that I lead has sponsored a child from Haiti for a few years now. I received an email from the organization stating that they were currently trying to track down and take count of all of their people and that they would let us know how the child we sponsor was doing. This really is a sad tragedy and the pictures really paint a picture of how bad it really is. This event really makes me thankful for all I have but also makes me realize that this could happen to anybody at any time. The good that can come of this is event is that it will point the eyes to Haiti and educate the world not only about the needs they have now but the needs they have always had. I look forward to talking to the kids this Sunday a little bit about what is going on in Haiti and the importance giving to those in need all around the world. Social Justice should never be ignored.


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