Monday, February 22, 2010

where have I been?

I was doing okay with my goals this year. One of them was to blog on a different category every day except Sunday. This has not been going good lately since I made a life change. This life change has caused a few goals to fly out the window, I have been having trouble finding balance.

My life change is a new puppy beagle named Beesly. I will post pictures soon, but she is a lot of work. We knew getting her at 8 weeks that she would be a lot of work but I didn't realize how life altering it would be. Our free time is planned around her now until she learns the basics of listening to us and growing out of her puppy stage.

As far as posting goes I have curved my goals a little. Starting March 1st, I plan on posting 5 times a week. I will see if I can do this every week in March and then go from there. I will post about different categories but will not limit a day to a category. I found this to be to limiting.

until next time,


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