Friday, October 30, 2009

im back.....and well while I have been gone and why.

It feels weird to be posting again. But I have decided to come back and post very regularly.

However, I should start off with a brief explanation. Last summer I had a minor or maybe major (its all a matter of perspective) anxiety attack. Since I went away for college for the first time I have often dealt with anxiety. I don't know what triggered it but something did a while back. Since then it has been off and on yet struck harder than ever last summer. Through the help of my beautiful wife Christina and many friends and God I was able to battle this and get through it. I also deal with a bit of OCD. So for a while I shut myself off from the world. No more internet, took some time off from work, gave up facebook and twitter. And then read books, listened to music, prayed, and slept.

I finally went and saw a Christian doctor and have been getting better since. while I have picked certain things back up like internet, I am choosing to still not participate in things like facebook or twitter. I found that I was spending to much valuable time online with things like this. Since then I have used more time writing, especially music. I have written more music in the period than any other period of my life. I also used playing music as therapy. I am now currently playing in three music groups. One actually (ironically) called autobahn thought, one where I am backing up a recording artist called Robert Wade, and another I am doing on my own (no name yet).

I still read blogs and find that to be a much more interesting and a time worthy adventure online than other social web pages like facebook and twitter. I am very excited to start my blog up again. I am currently figuring out a way to post on different categories depending on what day it is. For instance....maybe every thursday you can count on a small post about music where tuesday might have to do with Christianity.

With that to say this is my first post back, it is an unorganized post but one that speaks truth.

Thank you God for loving me no matter what, thank you Christina for being the love of my life, and for all my friends and especially Tung who is currently discipling me.

It is good to sort of be back to 'normal'


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