Saturday, October 31, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are.....

Last night I had the privilege of finally seeing a movie that I have been waiting to see for quite some time. I grew up reading the book 'Where the Wild Things Are' time after time until I had to buy a new copy because I wore the old one out.

The movie was everything that the book was and more. Jim Henson Studios made magic with their creature creations once again. Looking over the illustrations in the book I was truly impressed. It felt as if MAX really wrote the extended movie script himself. The humor and random parts of the movie kept me on the edge of my seat smiling.

I cannot wait until this comes to DVD. It will be a must buy for sure.

As for tonight, I plan on watching a few episodes of the Munsters, and possibly watching movies like Beetlejuice and Young Frankenstein.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween!


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