Friday, January 16, 2009

Its Official

I am getting FAT. 

I need a new DIET.

I need a new WORK OUT PLAN. 



rthde said...

I think we all need a diet and a workout plan.

The Rev said...

Let's talk about some alternative ideas. Most of christians have our pets about being serious with what God has given us to do.
Romans 1 - in the final list of Reprobation - gossip is on the list - lack of respect is found in a list of sins in the later times

And we preach about / teach about / talk about / guide young believers away from - these bad things. Right????

So how about gluttony - getting fat
How about lack of discipline?
How about eating food good directs us to eat and avoid?
How can we preach about these when our gut hangs over our belts and malaise is part of our daily routine and lack of discipline is part of our life style

Of course with the exception of the non-measureable spiritual issues which we adhere to.

No accountability, no measure of function - so what will we say when we stand before Him and have to give an account of what He has given to us and our stewarship of this body?

This demeanor and character and appearance is what I love about the military when presenting themselves before the public - espescially the Marines. This sends chills down and up the spine of men who live with honor and integrity.

Bruce Waltke - the brilliant translator of Wisdom Literature for many of the Translation.
- special permission to enter Harvard in Semitic languages etc
"if we paid the price to graduate from the most prestigious school in the world in the secular system, how can we who will lead the next generation in the Name of Christ pay a price which is less and present our selves with less dignity and honor than those"

Many times in my humble opinion we as Christian look slovenly, unshavens, dishevelled, lazy, and undisciplined - and we represent the King of all Creation who rides the White Horse in victory through the heavens and then on the earth?

This comes from an unclear picture of who He really is in the OT - The Angel of Jehovah would have us on ourfaces crying out for Mercy and proclaiming Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty.

The 60's gave us a fresh push to consider who this Jesus was/is as He walked on the earth.

The 60's radicals are now teaching and leading our culture and have impacted the church into a sloppy spirit. The feminization of men has brought us to men who are weak and undisciplined.

THese are not going to be the men who jump into the pit and slay a lion on a snowy day.

These are not the men who will stand with me in the onslaught of the forces of evil as the swirl about the saints for eternal damnation.
These are not the men whom I and my brothers can count on to stand in the bean field and sling the sword from morning to the setting of the sun.
These don't appear to becoming men who will slay 500 in the battle (with a spear, yet?? - sorry Bruce Lee).

So in having fun on the putor, I will leave you with this.
When the battle heats up on the battle field as in IICor 4, these are the guys who will argue about the warm beer instead of demanding more ammo to fight the enemy.

Have some fun and give it some thought - these are from the crusty old curmudgeon