Saturday, November 08, 2008


Sometimes I hate being a Youth Pastor because I hate being Nice. Sometimes I just want to be mean and tell people how I feel. Let them know how it is. But I can't. I'm locked away.

And then other times I think, well my church considers me a Youth Director. So maybe it doesn't matter.

Then I think was Jesus always Nice?


Ryan said...

Forget what position you hold. Your reputation is in the eyes of God... who cares what the rest think.
With that said, I believe that even when Jesus was blunt, he was "nice" because he had a genuine desire to let his words bring life, reconciliation, and restoration. If you have to have tough conversations and say some difficult things to people, if your motivation is truly for their interests and not to make you fell better, then it can still be nice.

Mike said...

Get fired for Jesus. Then ask for a job down in the OC.