Wednesday, July 02, 2008

What if

I was reading out of a youth ministry book that helps with discussion starters. I have a lot of these, like "unfinished sentences" or "would you rather", but the one I was looking at today is a book called "what if" by Les Christie.

What if # 87: What if you could end all wars by killing one person?

Wow, what a question. The answer would have to be no, because there is no reason for murder. However, if the person was openly willing to be sacrificed, than maybe.

Would I be willing to be that sacrifice. Something else worth thinking about.

And lastly, Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice. To allow us to have a new life in him, forgiveness for sin, if we only accept, repent, and have a relationship with Him.

But we still have war.

And this makes me cry out in shame and sadness.


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