Monday, June 30, 2008

Acts 10 and 11

Acts Chapters 10 and 11:

These chapters paint such a beautiful picture of how God works through people. Through Peter as well as a centurion whose name was Cornelius we see the beginning of the gospel being given to gentiles. God makes this happen by appearing to both parties and gathering two together while giving Peter a vision that lets him know that everything God has created is beautiful. 

Peter gets questioned for going against the norm by the other jewish Christ followers, but after an explanation they rejoice that the whole world is welcome to salvation. Much work begins in the town of Antioch and the disciples send Barnabas to gather Saul (soon to be Paul) to go study and worship God with him in the town of Antioch for a year. 

Everyone is excited, everything is about God's glory. So many good things are happening in Antioch. 

Where is my Antioch I ask? 

Oh yeah, and this is also where for the first time the disciples were called 'Christians'.

There is always light in the midst of darkness. 

Just go to the Lord daily and He will give it to you. 

All he wants is our time!  

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