Monday, July 07, 2008

Wake Boarding Can Hurt

Most people walk away with ear injury's after the fourth due to fireworks. 

Not me, I have to be creative. 

I am currently sitting at home in pain due to a ruptured ear drum. 

In my 6 years of wake boarding I have never crashed as hard as I did on the 4th. 

I began to cross the wake when the driver turned and sped up unexpectedly which caused my board to dig in on the other side of the wake, followed by my ear smacking the water at an insane speed. 

I could not hear for 5 hours out of the ear. 

My hearing is coming back slowly, yet every day water is still slowly draining out and there is still much pain. 

It's times like these health insurance would be nice. 

I figure if it gets real bad I will see a doc in a box. 


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