Saturday, February 24, 2007

a night in pdx/dorm days

I am sitting in my good friends dorm room. I am spending some time in Portland this weekend because I am attending a conference tomorrow in Newberg, Oregon tomorrow. Walking around brings back some good old memories of dorm life. Everybody at some point needs to experience true college dorm life.

For instance, walking back into the dorms this evening after spending time in town with some friends I find an old dorm game being played. We used to do this all of the time and it was just as dumb and painful then as it is now. PING PONG: but not just any ping pong (that would be to easy), but the kind of ping pong where two guys are playing shirtless and every time you lose the other guy gets to bomb the ball as hard as he can against your bare chest creating bright red welts all over ones chest.

Anyways, this is what happens when there is nothing to do in college with a room full of college age guys.

As for Portland, it was a good night tonight. Ironically a bunch of my friends from home have also come to Portland this weekend for a friends birthday, so it is almost as if home traveled up here with me. We went out and ate at a cool little Mexican burrito shop and then we went out to to a larger establishment with more friends.

Portland is cool. I would live here with no hesitation if something brought me here.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- music: bloc party
book: Love's Executioner-(for school, not by choice)

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