Friday, February 16, 2007

I am not Irish, but if I were I would be confused.

So I have had the week off. It has been nice to catch up on reading. However, when I have not been reading some very interesting things have happened to me this week.

Last night I decided to go to an Irish pub with a friend of mine who has just returned from the field (he is in the ARMY). He seemed kinda bummed out but I found out he was just tired....but I still hung out with him for a while and got to catch up with him about some stuff. A couple of his friends and a mutual friend joined us at the table. One of our mutual friends always goes to the bar tender and brings me back a free glass of orange juice. This works out for many reasons that I wish to not discuss right now.

So I am sitting there talking to my friend Tyler about some stuff that God has put on my heart with ministry and out of nowhere comes a lady who has been there for a while dancing. She has a outgoing personality and she is from M I S S I S S I P P I--not only is she from Mississippi but she wants to dance to some hip hop. So out of everyone in the whole bar who does she ask?

Thats right -- ME!

I have never had to turn somebody down on a dance offer, but the great Lord knows that I was not about to go buggie down on the dance floor to some hip hop in the middle of a Pub. For that matter it could have been a hip hop club, what it comes down to is I am not dancing no way. She seems to be pretty cool about it however, and we have a small conversation with her and find out that she just wanted to mess with us and that she was going to go find somebody who would seriously dance with her.

THERE IS A REASON I DON'T SHAVE! In the hopes that women (other than my fiancee) don't feel obligated to talk to me.

Anyways, long story short I ended up driving around Ft. Lewis that evening praying for the young soldiers contemplating whether or not I should join the Army and go in as a Chaplin Officer.


music: pearl jam-gone
book: searching for God knows what-don miller

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