Thursday, January 04, 2007



This post may include random ranting and complaining that may not make any sense to you what so ever...

Question 1.

Why are so many Christians obsessed with numbers?

It seems that (at least in the states) many Christian groups, churches, whatever are so obsessed with numbers. We need to have more numbers to pack a program in order produce more people to have a "better" program. I am so tired being concerned about programs. We need to start to become interested in the individual. Thinking about the individual isn't making decisions based on numbers, but the health and the experience of the individual.

Question 2.

Why is there such a large division between Churches and Parachurch organizations?

I have worked for both. It seems like Parachurch organizations think they are fulfilling what the church has missed; therefor, think that a Church is void of any kind of input on ministry in a discussion on to better address the connection between the gospel and our Post-modern culture.

It also seems as though (most) Churches tend to hold on to "tradition" while not adapting with culture. And because of this has forgotten how to love their own people who do not find church appealing what so ever.

Question 3.

Why is there always pressure to 'just make people happy' in Churches or Para church organization?

Some things are worth telling it like it is and sometimes I feel that too many Churches or Organizations avoid conflict rather than getting their hands dirty and stepping up to challenge issues like poor leadership, wrong decisions, poor philosophy of ministry, and other issues that need to be hammered through.

Perhaps in one way or another these can all be answered by our Democratic Business Tag that labels the way those of the United States feel they have to run things.

News Flash-Ministry is not a business!

It is a relationship where you answer to one person.

Programs are stupid without relationships.


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