Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Winding DOWwnnnnnn

I am sitting here correcting the final draft of a paper for one of my finals. I have been working on this paper for like two or three weeks. I keep wanting to go back to it and fix things, but after a while I guess I should just let it go. Today my future sister in law went through it and made corrections to it. She is amazing at editing. It kills me that she does not do this for a living. If and when I write a book I will pay her to edit it.

Meanwhile, in the other room someone is breaking their own record over and over again on a Bejeweled game. You got to love meaningless fun on the computer.

Anyway, this is just another distraction in my life to take me away from finishing my own work on the development of self-esteem in the lives of adolescence (this being the paper I am typing). Oh yes it is quite interesting.

Side note: have you ever read something differently than it was meant to be read and the cracked up outloud because it is so dang funny until you realize that you are in the middle of an empty room at 10:06 p.m. laughing like a looney? Okay now I am asking questions again and I already outlawed that in a previous post....

Back to keeping myself sidetracked while finishing a paper.

So I just patched up a hole in my laptop, yup, thats right a hole in my laptop. Apparently when you own a Dell for longer than two years things just start falling apart a week after you two-year warrenty. It's almost as if they have a self destruct button at a certain point. O well, nothing a little black electric tape won't fix. I take really good care of my stuff too. This is true about most things and I have people that can prove it because I am overly obsessive about almost everything in life.

*actually another sidenote (sidenote within a sidenote, I am going to start using the symbol * for my sidenotes) I was going to type a post one evening about my problem with being overly obsessive about stuff but then I could not seem to find the link cable for my mp3 player so I spent 3 hours that night searching for it everywhere until a week later when I decided it was gone for good, so I had to buy a new one. I could not post until I found it. And I don't think I did. This is why I never get things done in a efficient manner. Except at work, but it takes much effort. I have post-it notes everywhere telling me to be focused on certain things. Thank goodness for post-it notes.

I am really nervous to turn in this paper. I have to use it not only as a final but as my best paper for my graduation folder. So hopefully I get a good grade. I think tonight I will put it by me and read it once more tomorrow and make any changes I need to and slap the biblio on it and call it good.

If you have had the patience to read this than thanks i guess.....or what i may also mean by that is wow you must have some free time.


Music: David Bazan
Book: The New Avengers Vol.1 "Breakout"


Wept_over said...

"I keep wanting to go back to it and fix things, but after a while I guess I should just let it go." That rule should apply to more than just your paper, and to all of life...

Kevin said...

It only I read your comment 12 hours ago. Good point though....