Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today was different.

Everything about today was different. It was anti-routine. It actually started out to be a beautiful morning filled with a sunny lake, warm french press and good music. 

Then it was time to go to the office. When I arrived everything was so different....the way I logged onto my computer, the type of work I was doing, the organizing of the desk that has been put off for months. I took care of some budget items, cleared my physical inbox that still (in a weird way) has someone else's name on it from like 13 years ago. 

Then I went to a staff meeting that had chocolate covered strawberries, brownies, and pie. 

And when work was all finished this was the ringer. I actually started my running workout that I have put off for some time and then went to a soccer field to play soccer with a friend. I don't play soccer anymore, but I did today. 

Then the Mariners beat Tampa Bay. 

And to finish the night off I walked home from my accountability group in just a shirt, shorts and Chacos. 

And now I am at home in a very hot and muggy house physically exhausted and cannot sleep. All I want to do is read until I get sleepy. And the only thing I keep thinking about is how weird today was, and how off my schedule and my wife's schedule has been over the days.....and how I miss her. 

I like the running part, I like the mariners....shoot I even like Soccer. 

But I need to find more time with my beautiful wife! 


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Tim said...

Does your inbox say Rosenbaum?