Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday Update? (actually Tuesday)

Monday Update, December 1, 2008

Over this last weekend: This weekend was pretty good. Friday night I got to hang out with my wife at home and we watched a few of our favorite tv shows, some christmas movies, and ordered pizza. Saturday was cool because we had pizza left over in the fridge and one of my favorite things in the world is cold pizza for breakfast. Saturday morning while in my PJ's my buddy Nate Dawg showed up randomly after kayaking and wanted to hang out. So I got dressed and called another neighbor friend over and we hung out all day at the house just talking, drinking coffee, and eventually watching a movie. My wife hooked us up with some good lunch! Sunday morning we had a great youth service at church and then the main service was a choir concert. It was put together very well. The rest of Sunday was filled with braving out Christmas shopping at Borders, Best Buy, and lunch at Red Robin. My wife and I parked our car at one spot and just walked from store to sore because they were all around the same busy intersection and we wanted to cut out driving as much as possible. This was a good idea, but walking in our crazy random snow storm made it a little bit harder of a challenge. As for our little snow storm, if you live in an area that is used to snow you probably have people who know how to drive in the snow. People in Washington freak out whenever they see snow. There was a car in front of us on the freeway that spun out for now reason. Rookies. Anyway, it was a good weekend and it is still beautiful here covered with snow and 20 degree temperatures.

Today's Events: So Monday I had the day off. I ran some errands and cleaned the house. I also read a book and watched some star wars until my wife came home. Then we invited our good friend Charlie over for some Monday Night Football and then fun arcade games on the XBOX360.

To-Do-List this week: This week I have to plan for Small Groups, I have to plan for our youth Sunday service, start planning more for our Winter Camp, and meet with a few students about working on a video project for church. I also want to plan a night to take my wife to Zoo Lights. And of course I need to finish all of my remaining Christmas shopping this week.

Current Procrastination: Reading. I have been watching to many movies and need to read more.

Books that I am currently reading: I am still working on "The Complete Maus" by Art Spiegelman, I am also reading "The Cost of Discipleship" by Bonhoeffer and "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Music that I have been into this week: Brian Setzer Orchestra - Christmas Rocks!

How do I feel about this week: Okay if I can get rid of a runny nose!


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