Monday, September 22, 2008

Pagan Christianity: Exposing the Roots of Our Church Practices Pagan Christianity: Exposing the Roots of Our Church Practices by Frank Viola

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George Barna and Frank Viola collaborate in an effort to research and report the origins of many of our contemporary church practices and how they came to be from the first New Testament churches to Contemporary Churches today. This book challenges the reader to battle with some of the content and evidence as the authors unravel how the contemporary church arrived at where it is today. In many cases it was heavily influenced by Pagan beliefs while not having biblical support to explain why and how the evangelical church practices and takes positions on such things as: the church building, the order of worship, the sermon, the pastor, sunday morning dress, ministers of music, tithing, clergy salaries, baptism, the Lord's Supper and Christian Education. This book should be read with an open mind. It is a very powerful book filled with useful footnotes, leaving the reader excited to want to dig more and continue research on each topic. A must read for those interested in the origins of Contemporary Evangelical Church practice.

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