Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall is here

Like many Monday mornings I woke up and sat out on my deck to read a good book. The beautiful thing about this Monday morning was that it was the first day of fall. And the best part was that it was apparent. While the sun was shining and the lake looked as beautiful as ever, I felt a strong cold chill the whole time I was outside. This was the first time I felt that sharp Washington cold chill in a while. It was incredibly refreshing. While many thirst and hunger for the 3 months of summer in this state, I look forward to the cold piercing nights, the gray rainy days, and the occasional snow. I love Washington Fall and Winter. I love the way the state looks during this time, I love an excuse to wear warm clothing and drink good coffee, and I love the seasonal joys that it brings. These are my seasons.


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Ryan said...

I love that weather too... but there is nothing worse than cold gray rainy days and nights with occasional snow during the Spring and Summer. And that is why I live where I live. Enjoy it.