Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never use Orbitz

So my itinerary changes for my flight so bad that the only flight to get me home is the next day and they are unwilling to provide a place for me to stay. What makes it worse is that the phone operator, supervisor, and now manager cannot speak english clearly. I have no problem with a multi-cultured nation. In fact I grew up with a very diverse military community and loved it. But every American company that takes calls from Americans should provide phone operators who speak clear english. The same thing happens with DELL customer drives me crazy that there would be a language barrier with Phone customer service. If anything a solution would be offering live Chat services which provide clear communication to all people.

The one company that has blown away these standards is Apple. Every time I have ever called them I don't wait on hold and they help me right away with someone who speaks clear english. Hopefully other companies will take this model from Apple when considering their customers who drop hundreds of dollars on them.


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