Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thinking Youth Ministry-Thinking the Church

I think that it is interesting that most of the people that have the same vision for where the church is and where it should be going are all youth pastors. It made me start thinking today about whether or not this has always been the case or if it is something new. 

For instance, if you take a look at the 'emergent' movement, many authors or especially many of the readers are youth pastors. It seems like the future of 'the church' is being discussed by the future of 'the church'. Again, is this something new or something that has always been. Do things ever change, will things ever change, or do those leaders just get tired of the church and move on to something much bigger in corporate America? 

For those that don't get burnt, do they do something about it, or do they just decide to 'play by the rules' so that they can become a Pastor and move on from their stepping stone of youth ministry to do 'greater things'? 

I hope that 20 years from now some of my youth ministry friends do start churches and build them off of the principles and change that we have discussed for quite some time. I hope that the church of America changes, and soon. I hope that in 20 years something much better is available and not something much worse. 

I wish I could jump before I looked down. But I don't have that gift yet. I am to busy crafting my parachute. 

-Cheers to all of those who have the ambition to jump!

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