Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I love my country/I am disappointed in my country

I am in a constant struggle with the United States. 

I love being an American.

I love the military community that I have grown up in. 

I have even served and given back to that military community as a civilian. 

However, it is hard for me when I am constantly disappointed with the actions that our leaders take. 

For instance...I was reading that in 1985 we supported both Iraq and Iran financially and with certain weapons to keep a "fair balance" between the two sides. 

Here is the problem with this: 

  • It prolonged war
  • It enabled countries to further achieve war weapons
  • It enabled more innocent deaths
So what do you do when your country gets upset with a leader and their country for having these weapons and poor leadership when your very nation put that leader in charge and practically gave them the weapons? 

So who's fault is this whole mess anyways? 

Instead of focusing on whether or not we should be in this war, lets focus on how this whole mess could have been avoided. 

It is disappointing. 

I have higher hopes for our great nation that was founded by people with big dreams: 

  • let us learn how to show love.
  • let us be defensive rather than an offensive police force/I think the military is a great defensive strategy. 
  • let us help poverty with our money.
  • let us make health care equal and available to all. 
  • let us make the market more fair and less competitive.
  • let us use what we need instead of investing in plastic.
  • let us lead this world by example.
I love my country and I want the best for it. 

But ultimately I love God above all else, and I can rest assure that He is always consistent with what is right and holy. He will never fall. He will never fail us. He will always be worthy of worship. 

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