Friday, April 11, 2008

Ready for change.

I would like change.

Many people get excited about change. Many people sit around talking about change, and never really change...

Do I know if I will change, only circumstances can tell. 

But here is the largest change I would like to make in life, starting with what I am doing now, and what I would like to do: 

Right now I am: 

Working a part time (full time) job. 
Working a part time (draining) job. 
Taking a class in Seminary (Christology). 
In my first year of marriage. 
Volunteer at many places (slowly ending this) 
And trying to disciple someone. 
Trying to serve my friend who is just as busy as me. 
And communicating and working with a friend on how he can better share the gospel in prison where he currently lives. 

And then--> Maybe spend time with my wife and our family every once in a while. 

And in the midst of this trying to keep God at the center of my life. 

What I would like to do (or Change): 

Spend more time with God making God more central to my life.
At 25 years of age actually have ONE full time job that I can put my energy into. 
Serve, love, and spend time with my Wife. 
Spend time with family. 
Use extra time ministering and being a friend to others in need. 
Continuing a class each quarter at Seminary next year. 

This is what I NEED in life. 

I am currently spread REALLY thin. 

If you are a friend, please pray that I can change my focus soon. 



Ryan said...

Wow. You have a "spammer" who likes your blog!.

I will pray for change. Determining what is really important is always essential to marriage health and ministry health. Your ministry can only be successful if you can first take care of yourself and family.

Kevin said...

Thanks Ryan!