Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I have been missing.

Again I have failed at writing three blogs a week. 

So here is a quick bullet point update of things I considered blogging about during my absence. 

  • I am still very busy in life (hence me not posting)
  • I have created a plan to fix the first bullet point. 
  • What is with the new big bubble wrapping that they are sending in packages. They made it so that you can't pop them anymore. While this might help with preserving the quality of the packaging, I hardly believe it was a worthy sacrifice to rid of the fun of our bubble wrapping. 
  • And lastly, what is the deal with expensive car racks. I just saw a guy at REI today that had a brilliant idea and put it into action. Instead of spending tons of money on a Thule or Yakima car rack (which is most often more of a NW car fashion accessory) this dude broke out the lumber and created his own car rack that is very functional. I am thinking about doing the same, and then using a sharpie pen to write either Thule or Yakima on the wood panels. I haven't decided which one is most trendy yet. 

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