Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rivendell has been exploited

I was driving up to my parents house the other day and I saw something that blew my mind. As I was driving up the usual hill on 104th arriving closer to my destination I noticed that on my right was a huge developmental clear cut where someone had literally taken out all of the wooded area behind a residential community. This new area was then flattened out over time and the owner is now selling the lots to people so that they can build new houses and move in.

That isn't the part that really bothered me. The worst part is they named the new community Rivendale. First of all, they spelled it wrong; perhaps they thought the Tolkien family would take them to court otherwise. But who came up with the idea that Rivendell would be a good name for a clear cut community? I may not be an expert on the elven people, but I sure know that they appreciate the trees and wooded areas of our environment.

I'm disgusted.

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