Thursday, March 06, 2008

Favre 4 Ever!

I have been thinking about what to say when every person asks how I feel about Brett Favre retiring. Really what it comes down to is that it had to happen. Eventually it had to happen. The fact that I was able to grow up watching the same quarterback start for my team from the time I was 8 until now that I am 24 is amazing within itself. 

I am even more thankful for my recent trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin last season. I was able to see Brett play in Green Bay! Not knowing at the time it was going to be his last season, I am glad I chose his last season to watch him lead the Pack to victory in the famous frozen tundra.

My favorite sport to watch is football. It is a sport that brings so much energy and excitement, and Favre did nothing but provide that excitement of the game on a whole new level. A level that saw past the money and the records. He played each game as if he were a young kid dreaming about being in the NFL. He played football the way football was meant to be played. 

Thanks Brett for all of the great memories! 

It was an honor to watch you play...every touchdown, every tackle, every celebration, and yes, every interception! Thank you for playing your heart out. 

Go Pack Go! 


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