Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A week away/football

\\\A Week Away///

I am going to be taking a week off from one of my jobs in order to focus on getting rest and rejuvenation while also being able to spend more time than I usually do as far as my spiritual life goes. 

The person who oversees my position understands this to be a very important thing for those working in or with any kind of ministry. Of course I agreed and am very thankful. 

I also plan to read some good books during this time, and to top it off so long as my other job gives me the okay I will be gone for 3 days at a prayer conference down in the Salem area. 

Good Times

I am going to start this Sunday while I kick back and watch the Green Bay Packers humiliate the Seattle Seachumps. I hope the next three seasons for Seattle are all losing seasons so that the fans can go back to being fair weather fans who have black outs during home games that don't sell out. Oh yes back to the way things were 5 years ago. 

Go Pack Go! 

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Wept_over said...

I'd root for the Packers if they changed their name to the Green Bay Piko Pandas.