Thursday, January 10, 2008


One of these days, I should probably type a post as if I graduated from college. Sometimes I just type away and forget that anybody actually reads this. However, grammar has never been one of my strengths in life. In fact, I think that it is amazing that I was even able to finish college. I can testify that it was much harder for me than the average person. The local school district that I came out of (in my opinion) did a poor job executing education for the average person between the K-12 years. They were so obsessed with testing that they never really worked with students to see if they were understanding and if they weren't why they were not understanding.

Now I am hearing story's about the same school district having half days every other week in order to have "teacher planning days" while still getting credit for full days. The full days I am talking about are the ones required by the state in order to meet the requirements for the amount of days needed in a full academic school year. While this sounds great for the student, I have also heard both from teachers and students that many classes do "nothing but watch movies on half days because there is no point in doing anything else." 

So here you have it, another random rant from a guy that felt he could have had a better education growing up. 

And I am glad that I didn't listen to my middle school teacher when she told me that I would never go to college. And despite my poor grammar I have learned so much over the last 6 years, and college was one of the best experiences in life. And really, I was lucky that I had a good family and pushed myself to try to get through college. Until college I never read for fun, now I can't stop reading. 

So I think this is a worthy rant. Our local education system needs to find better ways to educate our students so that they don't end up giving up and never being able to experience the joys of learning. 


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