Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tonight is a night of sadness

I told myself that I would not post anything that was anything but upbeat and, well...happy.

But that is not the case for tonight, I can't force myself not to speak my mind in the one place that is my own.

Here it is.

I am tired of being looked at as a kid (well during some aspects of my life).

I love being a kid in that I am playful and outgoing and adventurous and if nothing else because I read comic books.

But at the same time I need to be recognized as someone who is responsible, a leader, or someone who can manage tasks given to me when they are in deed given to me.

Not set aside because of my age.

After all , I am 24, married, and have led many large tasks as well as people in my past.

God give me patience and give me wisdom.

I am no longer angry but confused, help me oh God.


Wept_over said...

In response to your comment left on my mindspace: "I'd add something to this comment if I could, but it perfectly defines the struggle of faith for imperfect people. Our understanding of God does change as we grow (as it should); we don't know how to live lives of wild abandon for Him; and the western church doesn't know how to get us to do it either. Ergo, continuously broken people running to catch up with a wondrous God."

Also, coffee? Whenever you want.

Wept_over said...

Confusion that has morphed from anger is from liar. Let not your emotion take you away from a mind and heart bent on humble service.

Ryan said...

Kevin, We all have been there and will probably always be there until we are so old that people can't help but to respect us. I believe that the way we live regardless of the thoughts and actions of others is the thing that will eventually cause others to notice. At the same time, I am serious in saying that respect is usually reserved for the older generations. It just might be because their lives have demanded respect and they no longer care about the opinions of others so people are drawn to that.
If it means anything, I believe in you and respect you.