Wednesday, May 30, 2007

time of suffering and times of hope...

So after losing a friend a couple of weeks ago I had to lose another. I got almost the exact same call from the exact same person and I knew when he said my name that he was about to tell me about another loss. Both were friends but both were different in their own way. This particular person was a student of mine who had a year left of school before graduation. We watched him grow up in our church, and we helped him along the way.

He will be missed.

Once again, loss is filled with hope--eternal hope in knowing that he is with God now and that is the best place to be.

This has been a long week even with that situation aside. My future at one of my jobs and passions is questionable. I have to take care of a family now, and even the minimal to get by does not seem to be available as of right now. But hope is not over, there is stil a month to have things discussed.

And another hopeful,

New apartment in a beautiful neighborhood. Small but fun. This change should be interesting.


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