Sunday, March 18, 2007

pixels and plagues

It was a sunny pre-spring evening in downtown. The line was short and when inside, the atmosphere was still. The musician finally took the stage after the opening act--only to have an authentic artist/audience connection (or participation in the art if you will) to be interrupted by 21st century technology that only flooded the room with a plague of digital pixels interruption the artistic moment of the hour. This is what I waited for? I missed my last opportunity (which was for those of a mature age) and so this time I was surrounded by all ages.

So seriously.....when your at a concert (especially David Bazan) please don't whip out your cell phone and start recording. It can be very disrupting and disturbing (especially when 8 are in front of me at exaggeration). I would prefer watching an authentic concert of the person in front of me, not threw the digital display of someone's cell phone.

Thanks for the consideration my fellow tech frenzy friends.

music: R.E.M. - Automatic for the People
book: They Like Jesus but Not the Church - Dan Kimball

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