Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Family tradition as a child was to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol the night before Christmas while eating meat cheese and crackers from Wisconsin. This was followed by the opening of one gift and going to bed awaiting the next morning filled with family time and more gift giving.

Although there were gifts aside this was always a special time spent with my family that I have really enjoyed. I feel the older I get the closer the family gets. I don't know why but this is how it is for me. Although I am an adult in my early 20's I still look forward for Christmas like a little kid. Today I got together with my parents and we went to church together. It was a pretty good service. I hope it brought honor and glory to the savior. I tried my best to stay focused and to worship with a focused heart (I get easily distracted at church sometimes so this can be a struggle for me).

After church I spent time with my family just around the house. I watched some football with my father and then took a nap. This evening we broke our tradition and my brother, and my folks and myself opened gifts the night before. I actually enjoy this tradition. Not for the early gifts but so that the gifts don't take away from the day of Christmas, the celebration of Christs birth. I hope that tomorrow as I spend time with my fiance's family I can make some valuable time paying respect and worship to my Savior.

With everything said I had a wonderful evening with my family again. Great music, books and games were presented to myself which I am very great full for. Tomorrow is not only the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, but it is my finance's birthday! I am very excited for that. She loves special days and I hope it is special for her.

Good Eve to all of you out there!


Music: Pilot Speed
Book: Pieces-a collection of new voices by Stephen Chbosky (2000)

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