Monday, November 20, 2006

I am back to stay.....for good.


So I am sitting here at 1:00a.m. staring at my screen making a wish list for Christmas 2006 on Amazon dot com. Why am I up this late? Well I went home last night with a sharp pain in my head and a stomach that was unhappy. So I slept in--woke up and told my friend/boss that I would not be coming into work. Then I went back to bed. Then I woke up again to see 35-0. A score that made me unhappy (that is all that needs to be said). Then I went to sleep for 5 minutes and realized that it wasn't going to happen. Then I watched 2 episodes of Scrubs and decided it was time to try and eat something.

I drank lots of water and 7-up (they say it is supposed to make your stomach better but it did not seem to help). But then I drank tea and it made my tummy happy. Following tea was a great distration from sickness called homework. 6 hours later I had written about 3 single spaced pages of material and called it quits. Then my lady watched some reruns of the OFFICE with me.

And now here I am wide awake picking what I want for Christmas.

Now, although I have not posted I have been working on a post that is in the "Saved until later" folder. Good folder, except for the finding time to finish it part.


Let's see. Oh yeah I am engaged to my lady. She is beautiful, smart, artistic, and mine! So back off SUCKER!

Well, I have been filling in for a band recently. The music is alright. It is fun to play. We played the SHOWBOX last night which is where I realized I was sick. It was a good show other than me being sick. In my past rock stardom career I never got the opportunity to play there. Good times.

New Topic, Same Post:


Okay, so I guess when you are really sick it is very common to have bad dreams. So last night I kept dreaming that everything would go wrong at the church this morning since I wasn't going to be there because of me being sick. It was really weird. And in the middle of it all I had a dream that my Christian nice guy Army friend who is stationed in Germany right now just lost it and shot another soilder out of nowhere and was put in Army prison, which by the way would never happen. Bad night.


Last Topic, Still Same Post:


So I really decided that since I came back into the music as performance world I wanted to start writting and performing again. Not the stuff I play now while I fill in for a local rock band, but some indie folk driven stuff that I like to write and play. Perhaps I will get around to it. A friend of mine started writing his own stuff and it is great! I would love to collaborate with him on it someday.

Much of my wishlist has been music:

The album I really want bad is called HOPE AND ADAMS by Wheat. The problem is that it seems like the album is a bit rare. Used copies go from 19.97 to 39.99 and the NEW copy is 99.99. I could just get the iTunes version. But I like having the product in hand sometimes. So perhaps someone can find me the 19.97 used copy. There is a song off of that album that some may have heard from the ELIZABETHTOWN soundtrack called "Don't I Hold You", and is just one great example of how great the band is. If your into that whole MySpace Music thing than you can search for Wheat and hear that song. Or you can go to and click on the Audio link and hear that song plus much more! Such a great band I can't believe I don't have their stuff.

Okay...this has been the longest post of my life. Hopefully I can post more often in smaller amounts.

Goodnight I hope.



Anonymous said...

Stream of consciousness at 1:00 am delirious from sick -- nothing like it. Congrats on the lady-claiming.

Kevin said...

Thank you!

Tim said...

You should write more 1AM posts.