Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th

So it is Friday the 13th.

Okay so what...does that really mean anything?

Today I found myself gazing at the Pepsi machine ready to put my quarter in for a delicious Mountain Dew when something stranged happend. The second quarter that I inserted would not go into the machine. It kept finding its home in the change return slot. So after frustration and close examination, I noticed there was a slight weight difference. However, this was not a Canadian quarter so why would the weight be so much different that it would be rejected? I soon realized that the quarter was dated back to 1941. Since I had a third quarter I inserted that into the machine and was rewarded with my Dew, however, on the way back to my office I starred at the quarter thinking about what life was like in 1941. Then I started to wonder if a quarter from 1941 was worth anything. Then I decided even if it was, this one would not be, because it had the battle scars to prove that it was from 1941.

If anybody can find me the Washington State Law from a reputable source clarifying whether or not playing a small 5 dollar game of poker in your house is illegal or not I will give you a prize. Im a college student so don't get to excited over the word prize.

Oh and I am trying to give up soda. It hasn't worked yet. Dang Mountain Dew.

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