Wednesday, September 20, 2006

in the shadow of opportunity


Well I did not want to start posting again until I put up the rest of the trip, but that seems to not be happening anytime soon. Probably because I don't have any of the pictures. So I will come back to posting now without them.

A lot has been on my mind.

This next year is going to be filled with joy, scare, choices, and fullness.

I miss Germany, and I have no idea when I will go back. I would love to be fulltime their but the life of a missionary is hard when you have to support your entire income through fundraising. People find it hard to give these days. With that said we do have one person who has commited to be our major giver. For that I am very thankful.

Perhaps doors will open here for a couple of years before there. Who knows.

That is my life right now- "who knows"

Putting back my gold for her gold in the hopes of being able to someday put bread on the table under a roof that stays of a decent tempurature.

At the same time I feel empty and I want more love and time spent with Abba.

"What will it take to be closer to You
Show me what stands in my way
Strip away all of the veils on my heart Lord
You know that I want just to look at Your face

What can I give as I lay at Your throne
Is there a song to be sung
Search me all over my life is in Your hands
You know that I want to fall deeper in love with You

I’m following hard after You
Lord You’re all that I need in my life
Show me what I need to do
To bring joy to Your heart

And strip away all of the veils on my heart Lord
And know that I just want to look at Your face
O Jesus Your beautiful face"

-Jason Morant

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