Monday, August 28, 2006

After day 10

So day 11-20 seems to be missing from the file.

Or it may just be that the posts stopped.

We seemed to be a little more busy than we were the week before; secondly, we did not have our own computer hooked up to the wi-fi so we could not post pictures.

With that said, tonight is our last night in Germany.

We had a big get together at Anthony and Jessica's so that we could all spend the evening together. It has been so wonderful and sad at the same time. We had to say goodbye to Rich, Melisa, and Juliana. Tomorrow we will go to the airport with Anthony and Jessica and say goodbye as well.

It has been so wonderful being here. A friend of mine told me that we would not want to come back. And they were right. I hope to be back sometime soon in my lifetime.

After I get some sleep at home I will finish the missing days with pictures.

If you are reading this, thank you very much for doing so. Knowing that people read along with our adventure made it so much fun!


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