Monday, June 19, 2006

Church on the Day of the father

My Sunday morning goes like this.....

Okay, Sunday is fathers day as well as my fathers birthday. Double whammy for him. My mother called me in the morninig as I was driving to church to give me the location and time of where we would have dinner together. On my way there was an older lady moving at 15 miles an hour. Most people may not be in a hurry to get to church, but I kinda work at one. So I am telling myself to be very calm for one reason. This old lady may be going 15, and I may decide to tailgate or to pass by in a harsh manner, but chances are we are both going to pull into the same parking lot that is right around the block and that just won't look good.

So I decide that 15 miles per hour is safe and fun.

In the main service our pastor (who is a great pastor in my opinion) said something that he did not mean to say. Sometimes when one is doing public speaking or preaching for that manner and one intends to say a particular thing sometimes something else comes out of the mouth. Everyone of course knew that it was an obvious slip, only this time instead of the pastor and the congregation laughing it off all together most people chuckled quietly, held their tounge, or was just asleep or passive and didn't get it. However, for the remaining 8% of us who could not hold back we began to laugh, which was very alkward because their was loud laughter from about 4 people. I'm just happy I wasen't the ring leader laughing the most.

You gotta love those S.U.V.'s

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