Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Update

Over this last weekend: Friday night was spent at the cabin once again. Nice weather has meant many nice days at the cabin. We had a "pirate party" to celebrate a friend of ours finishing her graduate degree. Saturday was spent doing some house cleaning and organizing. Sunday was church, and more cabin time. Plenty of time spent reading books, swimming, and chilling in the hot tub. Overall great weekend.

Todays Events: Today is the first day of my 12 day vacation. Today I spent the day helping my father-in-law and brother-in-law pull a pontoon boat out of the lake. My father-in-law has a boat house where people rent boats. Some drunk people decided it would be a good idea to crash and wreck/sink our boat then blame us. So that was most of my day.
To-Do-List this week: Blog every weekday and complete all of my goals.

Current Procrastination: Losing weight and writing songs.

Books that I am currently reading: Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Chabon. Bible.

Music that I have enjoyed this week: Ryan Adams - 29
How do I feel about this week: it's about time I had vacation!

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