Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Update

Over this last weekend: Friday I spent the day working from home for a few hours. Then I decided to clean the house since my wife was still in Africa, I didn't want the house to get messy and have her come home tired to a messy house. Friday night I went out to a pub with some friends and we had a good time with great conversations. Saturday I spent the day at a good friends house for some football, and Sunday was followed with Church and then more football. Unfortunately my Green Bay Packers lost in a 45-51 score. Sunday night some friends came over and we played a board game and shared fun stories.

Todays Events: Today I spent the day getting ready to pick up my wife and the rest of her team that went to Africa. I spent some more time cleaning, then I went to the store to get her flowers and to buy myself lunch. So today went by very quickly.

To-Do-List this week: Hang out with my wife for a couple of days since she has been gone. Work on finishing a Winter Camp Packet for the youth group. Plan for small groups. Start my Diet and work out schedule.

Current Procrastination: Working out and eating right.

Books that I am currently reading: The new Don Miller Book, Prayer by Yancy, Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Chabon.

Music that I have enjoyed this week: Matisyahu's new album, M. Ward, Band of Horses, and some old Son House records.

How do I feel about this week: content.

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