Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Update

Over this last weekend: Friday I spent the day going hunting with my brother in law. I have never been hunting and maybe I still have never been hunting because I didn't have a riffle. I basically went with him with an extra set of binoculars so that I could help scout out the deer. We didn't see any deer all day but I got to go hiking and spend some time outdoors in the great northwest. There was one trail we blazed along side of a river. It was a beautiful layout of God's creation. Saturday was a difficult day. I had two funerals to go to. One was for a former student of mine and the other was for a friend and long time church member who had an impact on many over the years. I also had a work day with my volunteers to give our youth room a new look. Sunday was the normal church stuff, followed by lunch at my Pastors house. We watched the Broncos lose. The night ended with cleaning and the board games.

Todays Events: Another Monday off to read and clean. I really enjoy having Mondays off. I think I will spend some time today re-evaluating my goals and find ways to hold to them better.

To-Do-List this week: Put my old car up for sale. Fix my wife's old Saab. Wash my Subaru. Catching on to the car theme? And of course there is this holiday called Thanksgiving. I also need to clean and organize my office.

Current Procrastination: Posting almost daily on this blog as promised.

Books that I am currently reading: Finished Forgotten God (review to be posted soon), Reimagining Church by Viola, Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Chabon.

Music that I have enjoyed this week: Sufjan Stevens - Songs for Christmas, Jars of Clay - Good Monsters (had to go back to this album for a while this week, great album).

How do I feel about this week: Selfish

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