Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday Update

Monday Update, January 26th, 2009

Over this last weekend: I spent Friday evening at home with my pal nate dawg (no not the one that rapped with warren G) and watched 'Dan in Real Life' and ate Chicken Nuggets. Then we watched the original British "The Office" television show. Saturday I took my wife out on a date to Vashon Island. It was awesome! The weather was perfect and the ferry ride was cold but beautiful. Sunday was church followed by lunch at The Ram Restaurant with some good friends. Then I stayed home and watched the NHL All Star Game. The rest of the night was time for reading. I almost read the entire book of Matthew. Strong Book! 

Today's Events: Today I had to take my friend/boss Carl to the train station so that he could eat dinner with his family. Then I went to a coffee shop and read good books, drank good coffee, and spent time with a good friend. Then for the evening I took my wife out to the local indie theatre to see 'Slumdog Millionaire'. Great movie, very moving! Now I am at home catching up on blogs and listening to Bruce Springsteen before I have to admit that my day off is over and go back to being busy tomorrow.

To-Do-List this week: Still working on Winter Camp, Fundraiser, and Small Group material. I also have to get ready to help another group with their Winter Camp this coming weekend. Busy week! 

Current Procrastination: Running/Exercising <--yes still! <--yes still still!

Books that I am currently reading: I am still working on "The Complete Maus" by Art Spiegelman, I am now reading "The New Christians" by Tony Jones and still working through the long "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. <--Same

Music that I have been into this week: Anything Bruce Springsteen! 

How do I feel about this week: Mysterious. 


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