Monday, October 20, 2008

Time has been everywhere

Recently my time has been distributed everywhere; everywhere but here that is. That is not really a bad thing, however, I have had a few moments where I thought "I would really like to post about this." Lately I have really had some thoughts on some serious subjects. Hopefully soon I will get to post them. If not here is some small things that have been on my head.

1) A prayer request I read: "Please pray that the person God wants in office will win and be in office."

2) A student who approached me and asked me seriously if it was true that Obama was the anti-christ.

3) My thoughts on our "economic problem" as a nation.

4) My thoughts on our "bail out plan".

5) My response to when someone told me "I think we earned our SUV's and big things and so we deserve them"

Some of these things have been racing in my head for a comment or even a discussion. Hopefully soon I can address them.

For now...


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