Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Here it is

Fire Ted Thompson

Fire Mike McCarthy

Fire Mike Murphy

Bring Brett Favre Back


Wept_over said...

All heroes need to move on eventually. But selfish, petulant ones need to be put down.


Ryan said...

You are lucky that he did not become a Viking.

Kevin said...

As a true Packer fan that has followed this whole ordeal, I can assure you that this whole thing is Ted Thompsons fault and not Favre's.

Kevin said...

At least he is on a team that I can still cheer for him. Plus his old TE Bubba Franks can catch the ball from him again. But yes Ryan you are right, I am lucky he is not a Viking. Although if the Jets do trade him to the vikings, I think we get an additional 3 1st round draft picks from them.