Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The American Way Frustrates Me

I am sick of what this country is becoming and the where we are going.

I love my country but the way we are bothers me so much.

Here are some things that really bother me in particular:

  1. We live in a nation that is obsessed with corporate gain. So much so that it is getting out of hand. Our country is constantly running businesses that aid poor people to grow deeper into poverty and help the rich become more rich. Success is all about social status. Growing financially, building huge buildings, being material, creating an empire.
  2. Health Care: Health care does not have to be as expensive as it is. However, we made it this way. We have allowed people to win ridiculous court cases in order to create something called "liability" which ensures that the heath departments make bank for doing so little. And how about our medication that is up the wall in prices. Why does a little pill have to cost so much? There is no reason that it should, it all has to do with supply and demand, and in the long run the medicine can cause more problems causing us to need more medicine. I am currently in a position where I have no health at my current job because....well I don't know why....but anyways I have to pay in 500 dollars a month if I want my wife's insurance, if I try to get it on my own and I fill out a request for financial aid they will say she makes to much. But she doesn't make enough for us to pay the 500.This is just ridiculous. We don't have enough money to support my health care but according to the state we have just enough to not get help. It is a continuous problem.
  3. Our Churches: Most of our churches have been influence by maintaining themselves by the corporate American model of business. While we may have a separation in church in state, it is clear that the way most churches are ran is by a very mechanicalistic business approach that is more influenced by our Empire than by our scripture. I love our country but I wish our churches would also love our country and leave it at that instead of being a church of the empire. Let's focus on the gospel and aiding those people who share the gospel rather than focusing on corporate idea's consumed with board meetings, money, buildings, and other side agenda's that are often the main focus.
I love our country.

But above all I love God.

All I want in life is to get by, be taken care of, a roof, food, my family, and the ability to have equal health opportunities.

Even now I have too much stuff. And starting with myself we need to let go of caring about our stuff and things and just focus on worshiping God and furthering his Kingdom.

I wish we could deal with our stuff the way that the early church did, but unfortunately we would be called Communists and as we have learned in the past, our World can no longer live that way.
I just hope that on the day that I am very sick and can't afford to get health care I will have a wealthy friend that wishes to help me. Perhaps God will heal me like he did for people that had faith in Him during the ministry of Jesus.

As Rome once did every empire will fall, But God will remain the same, our King, our Father, worthy of our worship.

Anyways this is my rant. I don't like ranting but I have to do it every once in a while. That is what this blog is for, and outlet for me.


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