Thursday, May 29, 2008

Christian Doctrine

I am sitting here writing a doctrinal statement for a class titled Christology. I just got done thinking about how interesting it is that Christians focus so much on how things are worded and explained over time. And if you say something that is slightly different than the popular opinion of who you are affiliated with than you better have some big guns to back your statement up.

So many disputes over words and phases. Don't get me wrong, I think upholding the Bible and having a clear understanding of it is important. I just always struggle with the issue of how important are all the statements and wording. Why is it so wrong to think out of the box? Why is it a bad thing to ask questions that you know will ruffle some feathers? I think it is through exploring and asking questions that we often times are pointed to the truth.

But at a certain point we have to decide when its time to put down the statements and start showing the love of Christ through our love rather that with our heady statements.

I am actually blessed to have a remarkable professor who allows us to formulate and think for our selves. But I do not always find this to be the way of most evangelical conservative scholars.

I just hope in writing this statement I don't sneeze and hit the wrong button on my keyboard without noticing that I pushed myself from being a good Fundamentalist into becoming a crazy heretic.


*for the record I am not currently a fundamentalist.


Tim said...

Not a fundamentalist?

Then your a heretic right?

Kevin said...

Depends on who you ask :)