Friday, March 14, 2008

Great Music

Most Christian music (in my humble a music snob) is tasteless. 

But one of the greatest Christian albums to be put out is....

ZAO: Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest

Here are the lyrics to one of the songs on the album called Fifteen Rhema: 

My heart is deceived by My eyes my actions in the name of beauty I'm sickened and strangled By myself that I would allow an unyielded desire to lead me astray Put to shame by my lack of trust I confess my faults with tears  Manifestations of Your grace fill me Revelations of forgiveness wounds healed by wounds The Father's mercy Peace beyond understanding love from You That I don't deserve Don't deserve (4x) I shut my eyes I still my feelings Feelings, feelings Listening with closed eyes I rest in Your guidance I rest in Your guidance Trusting You Sensing You I listen and hear Abide in me (4x)




Wept_over said...

Holy mother of mercy. That album barely qualifies as music. It sounds like the lead singer is drowning on marbles.

Kevin said...

Not down with the metal?