Thursday, February 07, 2008

3 Times a Year/3 Times a month = Same Thing.

My goal to blog more has failed miserably.

I haven't really thought of anything really worth posting about. Most of my days have been very busy and I have had very little time to ponder on the internet. However, I took a break from the world to share today something that is really dragging me down.

I work with students, and I am currently planning a large winter camp to take some of my students on. While there is many obstacles (passes being closed, lack of normal volunteer staffing, lack of enough vehicles) the one that stands in my way the most is the decision to tell a student that they cannot participate. This student made some poor choices earlier this year that will make it hard on our low number of staff to work with him and give him enough supervision in order for him to go. So after being advised from some of my higher ups I have to call the kid with the bad news that he will not be joining us today. On one had I feel as though this will make for a better experience for everyone, on the other it kills me to tell someone they can't come. Tough decisions comes with leadership I guess.

On another note, I remember being told by my High School Youth Pastor Bruce that I wasn't allowed to go to youth group for a couple of weeks. That ended up being one of the best things that individual could have done for me at that time. So who knows, maybe good will come out of this.

Tough Decisions...


random good quote:

"Christianity has been made so completely devoid of character that there is really nothing to persecute. The chief trouble with Christians, therefore, is that no one wants to kill them any more!"

Bonus Points if you name who wrote that.....(No looking it up on the internet)


Tim said...

Is it Kosher if I'm the guy who put that quote up on your bulletin board back when it was my bulletin board? If so then I win. If not then I won't spoil it for Mike.

Kevin said... is not Kosher...and you misspelled much of the quote. And plus I got a new much larger bulletin board.

So there!

Mike said...

That is either Chesterton or The Danish Gadfly, Kierkegaard (had to look up how to spell his name)