Monday, December 31, 2007

So this is the New Year


Alright, like most people in America, it is time for me to make some goals for the up and coming year. So I might as well post some of mine.

1. Be awesome!

2. Do more awesome!

3. Spend more time with God (reading scripture, prayer, silence).

4. Work out more <--Other than Ice Hockey.

5. Spend more time with my wife!

6. Read 30 pages of a good book each day.

7. Be a little more clean and organized (house, car, office).

8. Eat healthier.

9. Visit Portland more often.

10. Blog 3 times a week.

Thats all for now.


Wept_over said...

I hope that list isn't in order of importance...

Kevin said...

Of course not TUNG, who do you take me for? I should have added smash Tung greco roman style. :)

Tim said...

I would suggest times new roman style. It's much less barbaric.

Wept_over said...

You've got two days in the week and two posts to go to meet your goal. I suggest one post on annoying commenters, and another post on wisecracking churchgoers. That could be one post, but you're running out of time...

Ryan said...

Good luck on the goals. They look good to me, but the blogging one will be a challenge. If needed, use the Mike Olson technique and take a random photo and post it.

Kevin said...

Tim- I would suggest less predictable wise cracks, I know you have better material than that. After all you are one of my writers.

Tung- One down, one to go. And I would rather not waste a post about the only two people who read my blog :)

Kevin said...


Don't forget the random photo's must include links to weird laser gun shooting web pages that nobody would ever go to otherwise.

Tim said...

Are you calling Mike a nobody?

I'm in a predictable mood.