Monday, October 01, 2007

Okay, Im back....again

So it has been really difficult for me in the past few months to stay consistent with my posting.

Let me explain why in 3 words.

I Got Married.

So as one can imagine, life has been very very busy for me, in a very good way.

Life is finally starting to get back to normal. I am working both of my jobs while finding time to hang out with my wife, read good books, watch great movies, and play Halo 3.

Today I took a break from Halo 3 so that I could go outside and enjoy real life. My wife and I walked downtown and went to a really cool used book store a few blocks from our house. I picked up a book called "The Cost of Discipleship" by Dietrich Bonnhoeffer. Then we visited some other small shops like an awesome vintage guitar shop. I alway treat it like a museum knowing that I would never be able to afford anything in the place. The old rock star behind the counter does not seem to mind much. After lunch we went back to our place to rest before we headed out downtown again.

This time I was excited to go to my favorite coffee shop ever, to find it was closed, bought out, and changed for the worse. They may still have good coffee, but the atmosphere was horrible. No worries, we went to another cool shop down the street where the coffee isn't as good but the atmosphere was worth half decent coffee. Next was a trip to the local independent cinema to watch "Death at a Funeral", which was a funny and creative film. We ended the night with some PHO for dinner. And now as the evening is ending I am able to sit down and enjoy some reading and writing with my beautiful wife.

It's a wonderful life


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Wept_over said...

If I changed my background to pink, I'd have to be a girl. If I beat you in wrestling -- well, I could be a girl or a guy, doesn't really matter.